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As is the case with some of the other services that we provide, with fire damage situations time is not on our side. Therefore, we have a crew ready to go at all times. The first thing that we are going to do once we arrive is to inspect the whole area. If there are any structures that could potentially come down due to excessive fire damage we want to ensure that we take care of those parts first. From there, we can then take care of other parts of your home or business that still need care, but are not in such a critical state.

Fire Damage Restoration Lawrence KS

Although usually if the fire department tends to your particular fire emergency they are not only going to be putting the fire out and leaving. They usually make an effort to ensure that there is no risk of the building catching on fire again. When we arrive though, we usually still have to remove a lot of the smoke damage. As well as any type of residue that could potentially contribute to a rekindling of the fire. What we are going to do is go in and thoroughly clean all of these areas. Fire Damage Restoration

Fire Damage Restoration

The final step in this process is fire restoration. What we offer as part of our restoration services includes repainting. Of course, we are going to make sure that each area is properly prepped before repainting. We have seen over the years some people wanting to repaint a fire-damaged area without, properly cleaning and sanitizing the area first. Needless to say, those results are typically not ideal. Other parts of the restoration process can include installing new carpets, fixing all sorts of drywall problems that can and do tend to develop. The goal is to get your home or business to how it looked prior to the fire or even better!